Delivery conditions and disclaimer


  • The delivery time of a pair of Vesters is 14 days upon receipt of your order at Vesters NL
  • All shoes:
    • delivered as standard without inner sole  
    • delivered with an NVOS seal of approval
    • unless any personal adjustments have to be made, such as gloss finishing, and always come with an easily-removable CE sticker  
  • All models will be delivered as shown in the brochure and website
  • No cosmetic adjustments can be carried out
  • Delivery directly from the factory and transit costs are charged separately
  • No transit costs are charged for orders of 5 pairs of shoes or more in a single order.  
  • Mutually agreed payment conditions apply to this purchase. If these remain unchanged then the standard payment term of 14 days applies
  • Returns are not accepted unless pertaining to a quality issue
  • Terms for complaints is 3 months


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