Since 1926

The Netherlands was once a trading and manufacturing country. Today we are primarily a country of trade, creation and innovation. The shoe manufacturing industry continues to disappear from our country, but there are still many successful Dutch shoe companies that continue to make and sell high-quality shoes. Vesters is one of them.

We are a shoe brand that proudly continues to pioneer the long tradition of bespoke semi-orthopaedic shoe manufacturing. A leading Dutch company with a reliable and trustworthy business approach. We combine our sector, manufacturing and market knowledge to form an energic and innovative entity.

Vesters is real comfort. We develop and produce high-quality comfort and semi-orthopeadic footwear for men and women with the focus on fit and appearance. Real comfort that suits the Vesters customer: men and women who wish to get the most out of life, who want to enjoy pain-free movement and who desire a contemporary and fashionable look. 


Vesters' tradition stretches back to 1926. We have taken on the passion of a professionally-focused family company. Creating beautiful shoes is more than simply the technical aspect. We believe beautiful shoes are only really beautiful when the wearer feels the energy and inspiration of the makers on their feet. That is why Vesters makes bespoke semi-orthopaedic shoes that are made to measure and are super stylish. Real comfort for your feet as well as your personality. View our Vesters Orthopaedic collection for men and women here."